Confessions of a Failed Blogger

Sorry once again for the radio silence – I have been in the process of preparing to move to Maine, moving to Maine, and setting up my apartment and life in Maine, which has kept me quite busy, and may still for awhile (sooooo much Ikea furniture to build!). You can look forward, eventually (but please don’t hold your breath), to some exhibition reviews I have backlogged notes on – Yayoi Kusama at the Whitney, the Ancient Terracotta Warriors of China, may still write about the Buffalo Avant-Garde show, though that’s ancient history by now, and my book review of MetaMaus. Still have to go to Boetti at MoMA, which I will at some point (I believe I have til October, and I will be back in New York in 2 weekends). After all that, the blog might shape-shift a bit – I won’t be in New York and will have less access to that scene. Instead, I will hopefully take up more recreational museum and curatorial reading (like this), and, also hopefully, be making some art of my own! (once I set up my guest bedroom/office/studio – gotta love Maine real estate prices!)

In the meantime, you can read about this New York public art project, along the lines of the Gates and the waterfalls – spectacles that call attention to major New York landmarks and are likely to attract many local and non-local visitors. These things always seem too-showboat-y when you hear about them, but I think they often make a lovely and enchanting experience when you see them for yourself. This one actually sounds pretty charming, if you can get in. They’re trying to avoid long lines by using timed tickets–we’ll see how it goes.

See next post for further thoughts…

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Failed Blogger

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