A Repentant Quickie

I make this quick post in shame; it has been more than a month since my last. Terrible. I can only say that full-time work and other hobbies have taken up my time and energy – but you, oh readers, are not forgotten! Ideas for posts keep coming; it’s a matter of a swift kick in the tucus to actually write them.

I will break the month-long ice with this quick post. I wrote about how Rotterdam seemed to be a city after my own heART. Alas, bad news out of Rotterdam, a theft of works by major modern masters. So I guess the thieves there also share my tastes, though not my civic-mindedness.

2 thoughts on “A Repentant Quickie

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask you what your perspective is on Jon McNaughton. His symbolism is certainly pretty heavy-handed, and I very much disagree with his politics, but I think the way he presents his art on his website – with individual captions for just about every object in each piece – is interesting. Does this perhaps give us a window into the museum of the future?

    Here is an interesting review of his works by an art historian from Duke.

    • Hey David! Sorry I haven’t answered this sooner. I have to say that in addition to not agreeing with his politics (blech) it’s not very good Art with a capital A – like Thomas Kincaid. It can be interesting to study though, in an increasingly popular field called “visual culture,” which explores non-fine-art visual materials – like religious memorabilia, for example (in fact I saw a lecture on this topic by David Morgan, the author of that review!). As for the website, many museums are experimenting with online exhibitions, as resources allow (I know my museum does not have the resources to do it all the time), and often in very engaging formats – here’s an example: http://www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2012/centuryofthechild/

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